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East Weathered and Volcanic Provenance-Sedimentary System and Its Influences on Reservoir Quality in the Eastern Depression of the North Yellow Sea Basin

Dan Gao a, Rihui Cheng a*, Yanjie Shen a, Liaoliang Wang b, Xiaoqiang Hu b
a. College of Earth Science, Jilin university, Changchun 130061, China;b. Guangzhou Marine geological Survey, Guangzhou, 510075, China.

Seismic stratigraphy, core logging and the dates from cores are used to identify the development and evolution of the east provenance-sedimentary system and to analyze its influence on the quality of reservoirs in the Eastern depression of the North Yellow Sea Basin. The eastern provenance-sedimentary system is a fan delta (delta) and subaqueous fan sedimentary system with a volcanic provenance. Its evolution is closely related to internal uplift and coeval volcanic activity. During faulting and volcanic activity, an internal uplift gradually formed and the eastern provenance-sedimentary system began to develop. Clastic materials from the weathered uplift and volcanic activity were the main sources of sediment and were deposited in the Middle Jurassic to Early Cretaceous. A subaqueous fan sedimentary system developed in the Middle Jurassic, a deltaic to subaqueous fan sedimentary system developed in the Late Jurassic, and a fan delta to subaqueous fan sedimentary system developed in the Early Cretaceous. The volcaniclastic detritus was mainly composed acidic materials with a small amount of intermediate materials. The reservoir in the eastern sedimentary system is a type of tight sandstone with ultra-low porosity and very low permeability due to the influence of volcanism and diagenesis. The reservoir quality is worse than that of the northern and the western sedimentary systems. However, the high volume of volcanic materials and deep-marine sedimentary conditions resulted in good-quality hydrocarbon source rocks that give the eastern sedimentary system reservoir good exploration potential.


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Keywords:the eastern depression of North Yellow Sea Basin; provenance-sedimentary system; volcanism; reservoir

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