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Relations of Uranium Enrichment and Carbonaceous Debris within the Daying Uranium Deposit, Northern Ordos Basin

Fan Zhanga, Yangquan Jiaoa*, LiqunWua, HuiRonga, LonghuiWangb
a. Key Laboratory of Tectonics and Petroleum Resources (China University of Geosciences), Ministry of Education, Wuhan 430074, China; Faculty of Earth Resources, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan 430074, China; b. No .208 Geological Brigade,Inner Mongolia Nuclear Industry, Baotou Inner Mogolia 014000, China

Carbonaceous debris (CD) is widely distributedinthe sandstone of the Daying uranium deposit, northern Ordos Basin, and coexists with uranium minerals, which provide a favorable case for studying the relationship between them.Vitrinite reflectance (VR), macerals, moisture, volatile matter, ash, total sulfur (St) and uranium concentration of CD within thesandstone were studied.The results show thatVR ranges from 0.372%Roto 0.510%Rowith an average valueof 0.438%Ro, indicating thatCD is in the stage of lignite. The contents of Vitrinite (V), Inertinite (I) and minerals range from 83.18~99.48%, 0~7.70%, and 0.34~15.72% respectively, with the corresponding average value of 95.51%, 1.34%, and 3.15%, respectively which indicates that V is the major maceral. Moisture on air dried basis (Mad), volatile matter yield on dry, ash-free basis (Vdaf), ash yield on dried basis (Ad) and Stmostly range from 7.95~16.09 %,44.70~66.54 %, 4.84~26.24% and 0.24~1.12 %, respectively,while their average values are 12.43 %,53.41 %, 16.57 % and0.77 %, respectively. It suggeststhat CD is ofmedium-high moisture, super-high volatile matter, low-medium ash and low sulfur. Uranium concentrationranges from 29 ppm to 92 ppmwith an average value of50 ppm, anduranium concentration increases with the decreased distance to CD. On the whole, Mad and Vdaf decrease with increasing burial depth, which indicates that CDexperienced the burial metamorphism.However, Mad and Vdaf obviously decrease in uranium-rich areas whereas Ad and St noticeably increase. Comprehensive studies suggest that there is acertain relationship between uranium enrichment and CD.CD in the stage of lignitehelps the adsorption of uranium. On one hand, radioactivity uranium enrichmentmakesorganic mattermaturation increase with a decrease in moisture and volatile matter.On the other hand,an increase in organic mattermaturation caused by radioactivity uranium enrichment,results in an increase inuranium minerals, whichis instructive in the study of regional uranium mineralization and metallogenic regularity


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Keywords:Carbonaceous debris Coal property parameters Daying uranium

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