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SeismicImagingof the Sedimentary Systemof the Upper Cretaceous Nenjiang Formation in Northern Songliao Basin

Mo Wuling1,2, Wu Chaodong1, SuNan*,2Zhang Shun3, Wang Mingzhen1
1 School of Earth and Space Sciences,Peking University, 100871, Beijing, China;2 PetroChina Exploration and Development Research Institute-Langfang, Langfang 065007, Hebei, China3 Exploration and Development Research Institute of Daqing Oil Field Co. Ltd, Daqing, 163712 , Heilongjiang, China

AbstractThis paper studiedseismic imaging of the sedimentary systemof the Nenjiang Formation in Northern Songliao Basinbased onseismic sedimentology.Anaccurateand detailed depiction and explanation is providedfor underground geological bodieswithin a relative geological period using the stratal slicetechnology,based on three-order sequence correlations of well logging and seismic data for the purpose of obtaining high-resolution pictures of the sedimentary system.Research results have revealed that the sedimentary systemof the Upper Cretaceous Nenjiang Formation in Northern Songliao Basin includesmeandering streams, anastomosing streams, lake deltas, and sediment gravity flow channels. Based on seismic imaging analysis, the genesis and seismic geomorphologyof the sedimentary systemof the Nenjiang Formation are explored in order to understand the spatial distribution of typical sedimentary bodies and the evolutionof streams in theNenjiang Formation. According to the research results,the sedimentation of the Nenjiang Formationwas subject to the delta system in the east and northeast of the formation.The provenance in the northeastern part played a dominant role during the deposition of the Nenjiang Formation for some time; after the earlier maximum flooding in the second and third members of the Nenjiang Formation, the northeastern system began to decline and was gradually replaced by the eastern system. Stratalslices have revealed that a well-developed gravity flow channel system was developed in the first member of the Nenjiang Formation, and massiveslip blocksoccurredin the second and third members of the formation. Theresearch results indicated that the large gravity flow channel system in the first member of the Nenjiang Formationwas formed by streams that emptied directly into the lake; and the slip blocks in the second and third members were the results of gravity sliding of sediments along steep slopes at the delta front.

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Keywords:Seismic Sedimentology, StratalSlice, Sedimentary System, Nenjiang Formation, Songliao Basin

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