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Volume 31 Issue 6
Dec 2020
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Kun Fang, Huiming Tang, Xuexue Su, Wentao Shang, Shenglong Jia. Geometry and Maximum Width of a Stable Slope Considering the Arching Effect. Journal of Earth Science, 2020, 31(6): 1087-1096. doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1052-0
Citation: Kun Fang, Huiming Tang, Xuexue Su, Wentao Shang, Shenglong Jia. Geometry and Maximum Width of a Stable Slope Considering the Arching Effect. Journal of Earth Science, 2020, 31(6): 1087-1096. doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1052-0

Geometry and Maximum Width of a Stable Slope Considering the Arching Effect

doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1052-0
More Information
  • Corresponding author: Huiming Tang,
  • Received Date: 10 Dec 2019
  • Accepted Date: 26 Jul 2020
  • Publish Date: 18 Dec 2020
  • The stability of an arching slope in deformable materials above strong rocks strongly depends on the shape and width of the span. Equations for a free surface problem that incorporate these two parameters were derived using a simplified two-dimensional arching slope model,and were validated using physical model tests under 1g and centrifugal conditions. The results are used to estimate the maximum excavation width for a weak claystone slope in a lignite mine,for which we calculate a safety factor of 1.31.


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