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Volume 32 Issue 6
Dec 2021
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Ibrahem Yousef, Vladimir Morozov, Vladislav Sudakov, Ilyas Idrisov. Cementation Characteristics and Their Effect on Quality of the Upper Triassic, the Lower Cretaceous, and the Upper Cretaceous Sandstone Reservoirs, Euphrates Graben, Syria. Journal of Earth Science, 2021, 32(6): 1545-1562. doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1065-8
Citation: Ibrahem Yousef, Vladimir Morozov, Vladislav Sudakov, Ilyas Idrisov. Cementation Characteristics and Their Effect on Quality of the Upper Triassic, the Lower Cretaceous, and the Upper Cretaceous Sandstone Reservoirs, Euphrates Graben, Syria. Journal of Earth Science, 2021, 32(6): 1545-1562. doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1065-8

Cementation Characteristics and Their Effect on Quality of the Upper Triassic, the Lower Cretaceous, and the Upper Cretaceous Sandstone Reservoirs, Euphrates Graben, Syria

doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1065-8
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  • Corresponding author: Ibrahem Yousef,
  • Received Date: 22 Jun 2020
  • Accepted Date: 22 Jul 2020
  • Publish Date: 30 Dec 2021
  • This article presents the results of cementation characteristics and their effect on sandstone reservoir quality of the Upper Triassic Mulussa F, the Lower Cretaceous Lower Rutbah, and the Upper Cretaceous Post Judea Sandstone formations in selected fields in the Euphrates Graben area, Syria. This study emphasises the role of cementation in the evaluation of the diagenetic history of the sediments, developing effective porosity, as well as evaluation of reservoirs stimulation procedures and potential for formation damage of the sandstone reservoirs. Quartz cement is present as well developed tabular or pyramidal syntaxial overgrowths. Kaolinite cement is present as vermicular aggregates which are most abundant within sandstones of the Mulussa F Formation. Carbonate cements include siderite and dolomite. Four lithofacies were identified within the studied formations; lithofacies-1 and 2 correspond to fluvial depositional environments, lithofacies-3 and 4 correspond to fluvial to estuarine channel environments. The Post Judea Sandstone and the Lower Rutbah reservoir units are typically lithofacies-3 sequences in which quartz overgrowths are the dominant cement. Because the total cement is more extensive in the Post Judea Sandstone Formation than in the Lower Rutbah Formation, resulting in high porosity (up to 26%) and permeability (6 000 mD), the reservoir quality is predicted to be best in the Post Judea Sandstone Formation. The reservoir units in the Mulussa F Formation contain the highest cement volumes comprised of early siderite and kaolinite, which, with the development of compaction-resisting quartz overgrowths and resultant compactional pore volume loss, has resulted in typically lower porosity being preserved than in the Lower Rutbah and Post Judea Sandstone formations.


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