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Volume 31 Issue 6
Dec 2020
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Songjie Wang, Lu Wang, Yue Ding, Zhuocheng Wang. Origin and Tectonic Implications of Post-Orogenic Lamprophyres in the Sulu Belt of China. Journal of Earth Science, 2020, 31(6): 1200-1215. doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1070-y
Citation: Songjie Wang, Lu Wang, Yue Ding, Zhuocheng Wang. Origin and Tectonic Implications of Post-Orogenic Lamprophyres in the Sulu Belt of China. Journal of Earth Science, 2020, 31(6): 1200-1215. doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1070-y

Origin and Tectonic Implications of Post-Orogenic Lamprophyres in the Sulu Belt of China

doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1070-y
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  • Corresponding author: Wang Lu,
  • Received Date: 12 Jun 2020
  • Accepted Date: 26 Aug 2020
  • Publish Date: 18 Dec 2020
  • Lamprophyre dykes that crosscut different types of ultrahigh pressure (UHP) metamorphic rocks are widely distributed in the Triassic Sulu UHP orogenic belt. Although abundant studies have been performed on these dykes, their origin and petrogenesis remain topics of controversy. This study presents the results of a detailed field-based study of petrology, whole-rock geochemistry and zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes on lamprophyre dykes exposed in the central Sulu UHP zone, aiming at shedding lights on their petrogenesis and providing clues on the geological evolution of eastern continental China during the Cretaceous. The lamprophyres are typically porphyritic, with phenocrysts dominantly composed of amphibole and clinopyroxene set in a lamprophyric matrix. The dykes have moderate SiO2 (47.70 wt.%-60.44 wt.%), variably high MgO (2.58 wt.%-8.28 wt.%) and Fe2O3T (4.88 wt.%-9.26 wt.%) contents with high Mg# of 49-66. Geochemically, they have enriched light rare earth element (REE) and flat heavy REE patterns ((La/Gd)N=5.14-10.56; (Dy/Yb)N=1.43-1.54) with negligible Eu anomalies (Eu/Eu*=0.83-1.10), and they show enrichment in large ion lithophile elements (e.g., Ba and K) but depletion in high-field strength elements (e.g., Nb, Ti and P). In-situ zircon U-Pb geochronology reveals that the lamprophyres have concordant ages of 120-115 Ma, demonstrating that the dykes emplaced in the Early Cretaceous. These zircons have εHf(t) values ranging from -26.0 to -11.0. Inherited zircons that occur in the dykes are dated to be Neoproterozoic, in line with the protolith ages of their host (i.e., the UHP rocks). An integration of these data allows us to propose that the lamprophyres were generated during the Cretaceous, by melting of subcontinental lithospheric mantle-derived metasomatite with enriched chemical compositions underneath the North China Craton. The metasomatite was formed mainly by peridotite-fluid/melt reactions, with the fluids/melts mainly liberated from subducted Yangtze continental crust during the Triassic. Regional extension, lithospheric thinning and mantle upwelling caused by rollback of the subducted paleo-Pacific plate is considered to account for the generation of the lamprophyres as well as the extensive arc-like magmatic rocks in eastern continental China during the Early Cretaceous.


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