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Volume 31 Issue 4
Aug 2020
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Xinqi Yu, Ziwei Chen, Jun Hu, Yan Zeng, Xiu Liu, Yu He, Zishen Wang, Linghui Meng. Mesozoic Thrust-Nappe and Extensional Structure Frameworks in the East Segment of Southeast Yangtze Block, Southeast China. Journal of Earth Science, 2020, 31(4): 772-794. doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1292-z
Citation: Xinqi Yu, Ziwei Chen, Jun Hu, Yan Zeng, Xiu Liu, Yu He, Zishen Wang, Linghui Meng. Mesozoic Thrust-Nappe and Extensional Structure Frameworks in the East Segment of Southeast Yangtze Block, Southeast China. Journal of Earth Science, 2020, 31(4): 772-794. doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1292-z

Mesozoic Thrust-Nappe and Extensional Structure Frameworks in the East Segment of Southeast Yangtze Block, Southeast China

doi: 10.1007/s12583-020-1292-z
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  • Corresponding author: Xinqi Yu,
  • Received Date: 01 Jan 2020
  • Accepted Date: 15 Mar 2020
  • Publish Date: 24 Aug 2020
  • Multi-stage Mesozoic thrust-nappe and extensional structures are distributed in the east segment of the Southeast Yangtze Block situated in the junction region of Zhejiang-Jiangxi-Anhui provinces. The features and genetic mechanism of the deformations were analyzed after a detailed field observation of their distribution, geometry, and kinematics. In addition, the time sequences of the thrust and extensional structures were determined by combining the results of the comparative analysis with the chronological evidence of strata and magmatic rocks cut by a fault or formed after a fault according to field facts. This study identified three stages of the nappe structures and at least two stages of the extensional structures during the Mesozoic. The geotectonic setting of the nappe and extensional structures was considered to be related to the different geodynamics in the study area including the Early Mesozoic geological event, i.e., N-S compression, forming Lantian fault, etc.; the Late Mesozoic flat-slab subduction, forming Xiaoxi thrust fault and tectonic window; and the roll-back of the paleo-Pacific Plate, forming extensional structures like basin marginal fault; the last compression, forming Wucheng-Shenxian fault. These findings provide additional evidence for remodeling the tectonic and geodynamic evolution of Southeast China.


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