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Volume 35 Issue 3
Jun 2024
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Chao Xu, Lei Xue, Yuan Cui, Mengyang Zhai. Numerical Analysis of Surcharge Effect on Stability and Interaction Mechanism of Slope-Pile-Footing System. Journal of Earth Science, 2024, 35(3): 955-969. doi: 10.1007/s12583-023-1866-7
Citation: Chao Xu, Lei Xue, Yuan Cui, Mengyang Zhai. Numerical Analysis of Surcharge Effect on Stability and Interaction Mechanism of Slope-Pile-Footing System. Journal of Earth Science, 2024, 35(3): 955-969. doi: 10.1007/s12583-023-1866-7

Numerical Analysis of Surcharge Effect on Stability and Interaction Mechanism of Slope-Pile-Footing System

doi: 10.1007/s12583-023-1866-7
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  • Corresponding author: Lei Xue,
  • Received Date: 15 Dec 2022
  • Accepted Date: 13 Jun 2023
  • Issue Publish Date: 30 Jun 2024
  • To investigate the stability and interaction mechanism of the slope-pile-footing system under surcharge effects, the finite difference method (FDM) was adopted to analyze the response laws of the stability of the reinforced slope, evolution of the critical slip surface, stress characteristic of retaining structures, deformation and failure modes of the slope foundation and building footing under surcharge parameters, including the surcharge intensity, the surcharge position, and the surcharge width. The results show that surcharge parameters significantly affect the stability and the deformation characteristics of the slope-pile-footing system. Specifically speaking, with the increasing surcharge intensity and the decreasing surcharge position and width, the deformation and failure mode of the system will gradually evolve in a direction that is harmful to its stability. The interaction mechanism of the slope-pile-footing system is further clarified as the load transfer of the building footing, the generation of the additional stress in the slope foundation, and the adjustment of pile bending moment due to the stress redistribution. Correspondingly, the safety of anti-slide piles will determine the stability of the slope foundation and building footing. These findings are expected to provide guidance for the comprehensive development and utilization of filled slopes after reinforcement.


  • Electronic Supplementary Materials: Supplementary materials (Figures S1–S13) are available in the online version of this article at
    Conflict of Interest
    The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.
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