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Volume 15 Issue 2
Jun 2004
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Guxian Lü, Changshan Wei, Tao Guo. Effects of Tectonic Force on Hydrostatic Pressure in Crust. Journal of Earth Science, 2004, 15(2): 155-161.
Citation: Guxian Lü, Changshan Wei, Tao Guo. Effects of Tectonic Force on Hydrostatic Pressure in Crust. Journal of Earth Science, 2004, 15(2): 155-161.

Effects of Tectonic Force on Hydrostatic Pressure in Crust


the Major Science and Technology Development Program 2002201

the Geologic Survey Subject 200110200104

the Ministry of Land and Resources 

  • Received Date: 14 Jan 2004
  • Accepted Date: 08 Feb 2004
  • The research into the hydrostatic pressure in the crust has been previously conducted from the viewpoint that the hydrostatic pressure is equal to the gravity, based on the fact that the hydrostatic pressure is derived mainly from the gravity of its overlying rocks. In this paper, the stress state of any point in the crust is suggested to have been caused by both the gravity and the tectonic force. The author proposes that the hydrostatic pressure is a combination or superposition of two isotropic stresses in the tectonic force and gravity stress fields. The results obtained with a finite element simulation indicate that the additional hydrostatic pressure borne by rocks decreases gradually from the compression zone (pcs), the shear zone (pshs) to the tensile zone (pts), and that the difference in the additional tectonic hydrostatic pressure between these deformed zones tends to increase, following the increase in the absolute value and/or the difference in external forces between different directions. This paper presents the foundation for the research into the tectonic physicochemistry.


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