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Volume 18 Issue 2
Apr 2007
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Lian Zhou, Shan Gao, Yongsheng Liu, Corey Archer. Nd Isotopes and Geochemistry of Phanerozoic Clastic Sedimentary Rocks from the Yangtze Block and Their Tectonic Implication. Journal of Earth Science, 2007, 18(2): 109-127.
Citation: Lian Zhou, Shan Gao, Yongsheng Liu, Corey Archer. Nd Isotopes and Geochemistry of Phanerozoic Clastic Sedimentary Rocks from the Yangtze Block and Their Tectonic Implication. Journal of Earth Science, 2007, 18(2): 109-127.

Nd Isotopes and Geochemistry of Phanerozoic Clastic Sedimentary Rocks from the Yangtze Block and Their Tectonic Implication


the Program for Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team in University IRT0441

the National Natural Science Foundation of China 40173018

the National Natural Science Foundation of China 40673020

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  • Corresponding author: Zhou Lian,
  • Received Date: 15 Jan 2007
  • Accepted Date: 20 Mar 2007
  • This article presents Sm-Nd and geochemical data on fine-grained sediments of the northern margin from the Yangtze block, China, to understand the variations of Nd isotopic compositions and crustal evolution history in this area. The results are as follows: (1) Nd isotopic compositions for clastic sedimentary rocks of the Middle–Late Proterozoic have relatively positive Nd(t) values (+ 2.72 to + 0.69), with Nd model ages from 1.38 Ga to 1.55 Ga, corresponding to the contemporaneous volcanic rocks from the Xixiang (西乡) Group. This indicates that the arc-related materials from Middle–Late Proterozoic dominate the provenances of the Middle–Late Proterozoic periods. (2) The gradual decrease in εNd(t) during the Cambrian–Carboniferous periods is likely to reflect the progressively increasing proportion of erosion materials from the Foping (佛坪) and Qinling (秦岭) complexes, corresponding to a gradually decreasing trend in the La/Th ratios. (3) A prominent increase in the εNd(t) value of the Late Permian strata probably reflects the significant incorporation of the mantle-derived materials. The trace element data are compared with data of the Emeishan (峨嵋山) flood basalts. These data indicate that the volcanic dust has been added to the Late Permian strata during the Late Permian, represented by periods of extremely high Emeishan flood basalt activity in the south-eastern margin of the Yangtze block.


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