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Volume 15 Issue 2
Jun 2004
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Guxian Lü, Rui Ma, Ruixun Liu, Fangzheng Wang, Chusun Guo. Experimental Study of Confining Pressure Initiated by Tectonic Force. Journal of Earth Science, 2004, 15(2): 162-166.
Citation: Guxian Lü, Rui Ma, Ruixun Liu, Fangzheng Wang, Chusun Guo. Experimental Study of Confining Pressure Initiated by Tectonic Force. Journal of Earth Science, 2004, 15(2): 162-166.

Experimental Study of Confining Pressure Initiated by Tectonic Force


the Major Science and Technology Development Program 2002201

the Geologic Survey Subject of the Ministry of Land and Resources 200110200104

  • Received Date: 14 Jan 2004
  • Accepted Date: 08 Feb 2004
  • An experimental study of the confining pressure, i.e. additional hydrostatic pressure initiated by the tectonic force is presented. The experimental progress is that the σ1 is gradually increasing from 0 in a limiting movement (ε1=0) in the σ1 direction and the speed rate of the accelerating load is 0.4 MPa·s-1 in the lateral and level directions. When σ2= σ3 < 200 MPa, Δσl is nearly lacking, Δσl is increasing at a high speed only when the horizontal force reaches 250-380 MPa, and Δσl almost ceases to increase at the level force of 380 MPa. It is calculated that the tectonic force can produce the confining pressure which is gradually increasing with σ2= σ3 before it reaches 380 MPa in an experiment. It is supposed that the horizontal force is almost all transformed into the confining pressure with the increase of the creep deformation of rocks.


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