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Volume 15 Issue 2
Jun 2004
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Tao Guo, Guxian Lü. Measurement of Metallogenic Depth and Deep Second Enrichment Belt Forecasting in Jiaodong Gold Deposit. Journal of Earth Science, 2004, 15(2): 232-237.
Citation: Tao Guo, Guxian Lü. Measurement of Metallogenic Depth and Deep Second Enrichment Belt Forecasting in Jiaodong Gold Deposit. Journal of Earth Science, 2004, 15(2): 232-237.

Measurement of Metallogenic Depth and Deep Second Enrichment Belt Forecasting in Jiaodong Gold Deposit


the Major Science and Technology Development Program of the Ministry of Land and Resources 2002201

  • Received Date: 14 Jan 2004
  • Accepted Date: 08 Feb 2004
  • The depth is important for ore finding in Jiaodong gold deposit. However, many geologists are still discussing how to confirm the depth for the tectonic and metallogenesis formation. The authors of this paper propose a new method-the correction of metallogenic depth via its structure to calculate the depth. This method, based on the crust rock in a solid stress state, emphasizes the elastic pattern rather than the static fluid pattern. In addition, this method is more appropriate to the actual situation in the crust than the method of weight/special weight. The authors of this paper illustrating, with the Jiaodong gold deposit as an example, the metallogenic depth correction via structure conclude that the depth of the most deposits, lower than 4-6 km, is often 2.5 km. Therefore, the authors suggest that there exists a second enrichment belt and that ore resources are more potential at the belt of Jiaodong area. These results have been demonstrated by years of exploration.


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