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Special Issues

  • 2019 Vol. 30, No. 6

    Special Issue on Metamorphism and Orogenic Belt: Response from micro to macro-scale

    Guest Editor: Xu-Ping Li, Hans-Peter Schertl and Jürgen Reinhardt

  • 2019 Vol. 30, No. 3

    Special Issue on Ophiolite, Orogenic Magmatism and Metamorphism Dedicated to IGCP 649: Diamonds and Recycled Mantle

    Guest Editor: Jingsui Yang, Changqian Ma, Tingting Shen

  • 2019 Vol. 30, No. 1

    Special Issue on Mesozoic Metallogeny of Southeast Asia

    Guest Editors:Shao-Yong Jiang, Xiaoyong Yang, Shusheng Liu

  • 2018 Vol. 29, No. 6

    Special Issue on Geophysical Imaging from Subduction Zones to Petroleum Reservoirs

    Guest Editors: Huawei Zhou and Zhihui Zou

  • 2018 Vol. 29, No. 5

    Special Issue on Metamorphic Processes and Geodynamics

    Guest Editors: Neng-Song Chen, Zeming Zhang and Roger Mason

  • 2018 Vol. 29, No. 4

    Special Volume on Permian and Triassic Worlds: A Thematic Issue Delicated to Professor Zunyi Yang's 110th Anniversary

    Guest Editors: Zhongqiang Chen, Mao Luo

  • 2017 Vol. 28, No. 6

    Special Issue on Sedimentology and Reservoirs

    Guest Editors: Zaixing Jiang, Hua Wang and Keyu Liu

  • 2017 Vol. 28, No. 5

    Special Issue on Advances in Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources

    Guest Editor:Zhien Zhang, David Wood, James G. Speight, Ryosuke Okuno and Jianchao Cai

  • 2016 Vol. 27, No. 3

    Special Issue on Tectonic Evolution and Mineral Resources in Tethyan Domains

    Guest Editors: Qinglai Feng, Yuejun Wang and Changqian Ma

  • 2016 Vol. 27, No. 2

    Special Isuue on Atmospheric and Oceanic Oxygenation and Evolution of Early Life on Earth

    Guest Editors: Chao Li, Maoyan Zhu and Xuelei Chu

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