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Prof You Zhendong festschrift

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Release Date: 2017-12-07 Visited: 

Prof You Zhendong festschrift

Dear Colleagues:

Professor You Zhendong, a distinguished Chinese petrologist, will celebrate his 90th birthday in September 2018.


Professor You graduated from Peking University Department of Geology in 1952 and has been teaching and researching petrology at China University of Geosciences (CUG) and its predecessors, Beijing Institute of Geology and Wuhan Institute of Geology, since 1956. He has taught petrology for nearly 50 years as a professor and doctoral supervisor in CUG’s SchoolofEarth Sciencesand has made outstanding contributions nationally to metamorphic petrology and personnel training. His contributions have been recognized by a Li Siguang Earth Science Teaching Award, national prizes including a first prize for teaching and a national education model worker award from the former State Education Commission (now the Ministry of Education).

Professor You was one of the founders of metamorphic geology inChinaand has many innovative achievements in metamorphic petrology and metamorphic geology to his credit. In the 1980s, he became keenly aware that international studies in metamorphism had begun to shift from static classification into metamorphic facies to dynamic metamorphic process such as PTt paths, reflecting a strategic shift in the understanding of tectonic evolution of metamorphic terrains. He carried research on PTt paths in the interior complex of theEasternQinlingMountainsand their geodynamic causes and achieved research results comparable to those of his international peers at that time. Later in the 1990s he led a research team that moved to the Dabie-Sulu orogenic belt in centralChinaand determined the PTt path of the Northern Dabieshan granulite, centralChinablueschist belt, and the Dabie-Sulu ultra high-pressure metamorphic rocks. These studies respectively revealed the geodynamics of the HP-UHP metamorphic rocks and the associated granulites and the uplift histories of the orogenic belts, making a major contribution to understanding of deep subduction of continental crust.

His pursuit of cutting-edge ideas, continuous innovation and careful record-keeping and presentation is characteristic of his decades of research and teaching. His upright character and sympathetic attitude combined with rigorous scholarship in his approach to scientific research, continuous innovation and exploration of ideas have encouraged a stream of young academics to enter the field of metamorphic rock studies. He has made many friends and admirers among his Chinese and foreign colleagues and students over the years. He has been persisting in international cooperation and helping many foreign researchers visitingChinaby introducing them to Chinese metamorphic terrains and supporting their accounts of their research.

We are planning a special issue of CUG’s English language Earth Science magazine Journal of Earth Sciences (JES) on the theme "Metamorphic Processes and Geodynamics" to promote further progress in the study of metamorphic rocks in China. Articles may include specific research findings in a given area or reviews of relevant research; in particular, phase-in simulation, advances in geothermographic research, deep subduction of oceanic and continental crust, arc-continental and continent-continent collision, ultra-hight temperature granulite-faices metamorphism, Archean metamorphism and tectonic regime, and other progress in studying regional metamorphism and contact metamorphism.

This festschrift volume is scheduled for publication by the end of September next year. The deadline for submission of papers is April 30, 2018. We sincerely invite you to contribute to the volume despite your busy schedule.

Volume editors:

Chen Nengsong, Zhang Zeming, Roger Mason

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