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2011 Vol. 22, No. 6

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Experimental Investigation on Low-DegreeDehydration Partial Melting of Biotite Gneiss and Phengite-Bearing Eclogite at 2 GPa
刘强, 吴耀, 章军锋
2011, 22(6) doi: 10.1007/s12583-011-0219-0
The ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) eclogite and gneiss from the Dabie (大别)-Sulu (苏鲁) orogen experienced variable degrees of partial melting during exhumation. We report here dehydration partial melting experiments of biotite gneiss and phengite-bearing eclogite at 2 GPa and 800–950 ℃. Our results show that the partial melting of gneiss is associated with the breakdown of biotite into almandine-rich garnet starting at 900 ℃. About 10% granitic melt can be produced at 950 ℃...
Geochemistry of Middle Triassic Radiolarian Cherts from Northern Thailand: Implication for Depositional Environment
2011, 22(6) doi: 10.1007/s12583-011-0220-7
Geochemical analysis reveals that Middle Triassic radiolarian cherts from northern Thailand, including Chiang Dao, Lamphun and Den Chai, are of biogenic origin. These cherts present slightly high SiO2 content which was possibly modified by diagenetic alteration and migration processes as indicated by negative correlation between SiO2 and most of the other major elements. The relatively high content of Cr, Zr, Hf, Rb and Th and high positive correlation of these elements with Al and Ti from the majority of cherts suggest a close relation to terrigenous component...
Organic Carbon Isotope Records of Paleoclimatic Evolution since the Last Glacial Period in the Tangjia Region, Tibet
陈陵康, 赖旭龙, 赵银兵, 陈海霞, 倪忠云
2011, 22(6) doi: 10.1007/s12583-011-0221-6
We firstly present the description of the river terrace at Tangjia (唐家) Village in Lhasa, Tibet, collect soil samples, and select the climate indicators including δ13C, total organic carbon (TOC), and the Rb/Sr ratios to study its paleoclimate in this area. Ancient climate changes have been reconstructed since the last glacier period. The results show that the δ13C, TOC, and the Rb/Sr ratio are good indicators of ancient climate fluctuations...
Geological and Geophysical Conditions for Potential Natural Gas Hydrate Resources in Southern South China Sea Waters
刘海龄, 姚永坚, 邓辉
2011, 22(6) doi: 10.1007/s12583-011-0222-5
The water depth in Nansha (南沙) waters, which is located in the southern South China Sea, varies from 200 to 2 500 m, with a deep-water (>500 m) area of 500 000 km2. In this region, there are many depositional basins with various structural features, prone to the accumulation of organic material. The temperature and pressure conditions in the deep-water environment are suitable for the preservation of gas hydrate...
Synchronization Theory andTungsten-Polymetallic Mineralization Distribution in the Qianlishan-Qitianling Area,Southern Hunan
Bing Li* (李兵)
2011, 22(6) doi: 10.1007/s12583-011-0223-4
Synchronization is an important frontier in contemporary nonlinear science. It has been developed and applied widely in the late 20th century. However, it has limited applications in geological science, especially in the study of mineralization. The ore formation of fluids is a problem of propagation of chemical waves and the generation of their spatiotemporal structures. Geological processes and spatiotemporal structures are the essence and core of all geological phenomena...
Sequence Characteristics of Foreland Basin and Its Difference from Those of Other Types of Basin
纪友亮, 潘春孚, 周勇, 朱如凯, 高志勇, 杨杰琦, 于刚
2011, 22(6) doi: 10.1007/s12583-011-0224-3
Based on the case history study of sequence stratigraphic framework, sequence model, and the controlling factors on sequence formation in the southern Junggar foreland basin, a contrast?ing comparison of the characteristics among the foreland basin, the faulted basin, and the sag basin is made in the aspects of sequence architecture, filling style, the controlling factors on sequence develop?ment, the migrations of basin center and depocenter, etc.. The current study results show that there are major differences and these are documented as follows...
Nanpu Sag of the Bohai Bay Basin:A Transtensional Fault-Termination Basin
刘晓峰, 张翠梅
2011, 22(6) doi: 10.1007/s12583-011-0225-2
The Nanpu (南堡) sag has previously been modeled as (1) a pull-apart basin, (2) a rift basin, without significant strike-slip deformation, and (3) a transtensional basin. We present a new model for the Nanpu sag in which the basin is a transtensional fault-termination basin. Although transtensional fault-termination basins is an important basin type, it is not as well studied as other classic basin types. On the base of 3D seismic data interpretation, the faults geometries and kinematics and their controls on depocenters are presented...
Fluid Geochemical Features and Preservation Conditions of Marine Stratum in Typical Structure of Jianghan Plain Area
徐国盛, 龚德瑜, 袁海锋, 李昌鸿, 王国芝, 胡晓凤, 林娟华, 朱建敏
2011, 22(6) doi: 10.1007/s12583-011-0226-1
Many scholars carried out large quantity of researches on oil and gas preservative conditions of marine carbonate rocks from the aspects of cap rocks, faults, formation water, hydrodynamic, and tectonism. This article gives dynamic evaluation on oil and gas preservative conditions of marine stratum in Jianghan (江汉) plain of multiphase tectonic disturbance from the view of paleofluid geochemistry. The conclusion shows that there mainly existed fluid filling of two periods in the reservoir of Lower–Middle Triassic to Permian...
Runoff Variation Law and Its Response to Climate Change in the Headstream Area of the Keriya River Basin, Xinjiang
凌红波, 张青青, 史薇, 徐海量
2011, 22(6) doi: 10.1007/s12583-011-0227-0
Based on the runoff and meteorological data of Langan (兰干) Hydrological Station from 1957 to 2009 in Keriya (克里雅) River, the periodicities, abrupt changes, and trends of climate factors and runoff were investigated by wavelet analysis and nonparametric test; then, the future change of the annual runoff was predicted by a periodic trend superposition model. In succession, the influencing volumes of climate change on the annual runoff were separated from the observation values of the annual runoff in Keriya River...
Precipitation Effects on Temperature—A Case Study in China
Aigang Lu* (卢爱刚)
2011, 22(6) doi: 10.1007/s12583-011-0228-z
To discover the mechanism of the continuous summer temperature decline in certain regions against significant global warming, 456 national meteorological observational stations with long term of observed daily temperature and precipitation data were applied to analyze the relationship between precipitation and temperature...