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2012 Vol. 23, No. 1

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Silicification in Mississippian Lodgepole Formation, Northeastern Flank of Williston Basin, Manitoba, Canada
Harvey R Young, Rongyu Li*, Moe Kuroda
2012, 23(1) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0229-6
Five types of replacement silica are recognized in the Lower Mississippian Virden Member carbonates on the northeastern flank of Williston basin: microcrystalline quartz, chalcedonic quartz, anhedral megaquartz, euhedral megaquartz, and stringy megaquartz. Silica tends to replace various bioclasts, and all except the stringy megaquartz also occur as non-replacive void-filling cement or as silica forming chert nodules and silicified limestone. Although crinoids, brachiopods, corals, bryozoans, molluscs, trilobites, forams, and ostracodes are present in the sediments studied, only the first three show evidence of silicification...
Pole to Equator TemperatureGradient for Coniacian Time, Late Cretaceous: Oxygen and Carbon Isotopic Data on the Koryak Upland and Hokkaido
Yuri D, Olga P, Alexander M, Tatiana A, Tamara B, Kazushige Tanabe, Yasunari Shigeta, Haruyoshi Maeda
2012, 23(1) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0230-0
The purpose of this study was to estimate the Coniacian latitudinal thermal gradient in the Northern Hemisphere. Both hemipelagic (ammonoids) and benthic (brachiopods and bivalves) ??18O and ??13С records were used. They originated from Coniacian shallow-water sequences across a wide range of paleolatitudes, from the Koryak upland (northern Kamchatka, Russian Far East) in the north, to Hokkaido (Japan) in the south...
A New Eosauropterygian (Diapsida:Sauropterygia) from the Middle Triassic of Luoping, Yunnan Province
程龙, 陈孝红, 曾雄伟, 蔡永健
2012, 23(1) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0231-z
A new eosauropterygian, Largocephalosaurus polycarpon gen. et sp. nov., was described based on a skeleton from the Middle Triassic of Luoping (罗平), Yunnan (云南) Province, southwestern China. The new taxon is characterized by a big skull, paired frontal, laterally expanded upper temporal fossa, anterior process of squamosal entering orbit, robust teeth with basally expanded crown and blunt tip, short cervical region, distinctly elongated transverse process of the dorsal vertebrae, short and broad dorsal ribs, stout gastralia, scapula with distinctly posterodorsally extending blade, distinctly robust humerus, eleven carpal ossifications, and a manual fomula of 2-3-4-5-5...
Olivine Compositional Mapping ofMafic-Ultramafic Complexes in Eastern Xinjiang (NW China): Implications for Cu-NiMineralization and Tectonic Dynamics
苏本勋, 秦克章, 孙赫, 唐冬梅, 肖庆华, 刘平平
2012, 23(1) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0232-y
Early Permian mafic-ultramafic complexes in eastern Xinjiang (新疆) are mainly distributed in the Beishan (北山) area, Mid-Tianshan (天山) massif and Jueluotage (觉罗塔格) belt. Systematic compositional mapping of olivines from these Early Permian mafic-ultramafic complexes demonstrates that an apparently spatial distribution and heterogeneous partial melting in the mantle source exists from the Beishan area, across the Mid-Tianshan massif, to the Jueluotage belt from the south to the north...
Post-Entrainment Mineral-Magma Interaction in Mantle Xenoliths from Inner Mongolia, Western North China Craton
王亚妹, 韩宝福, 张磊, 舒桂明
2012, 23(1) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0233-x
In order to distinguish the primary microstructures developed under mantle conditions from the secondary phenomena after xenolith entrainment in the host magma, this study intends to discuss the genesis of spongy, sieve-textured, and reaction rims on mineral grains of mantle xenoliths in the Cenozoic basalts from the western North China craton. The spongy rims on primary clinopyroxene show neither obvious compositional zoning nor preferential development towards the host basalt and probably suggest an origin via partial melting within the lithospheric mantle or pressure release as the xenoliths were carried upwards...
Application of the Conceptualization Groundwater Data Model to Study the Upper Arkansas River Corridor, Western Kansas
Xiaoying Yang* (杨晓英)
2012, 23(1) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0234-9
Large-scale water pumping has caused significant decline in groundwater level in the Upper Arkansas corridor region, which in turn has triggered a chain of hydrological and ecological impacts. A newly developed conceptualization groundwater data model was used to organize various datasets on the Upper Arkansas corridor groundwater system and to develop a MODFLOW model to simulate groundwater flow in the region from 1959 to 2005...
TSR-Derived Authigenic Calcites in TriassicDolomite, NE Sichuan Basin, China—A CaseStudy of Well HB-1 and Well L-2
黄思静, 黄可可, 李志明, 范明, 徐二社, 吕杰
2012, 23(1) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0235-8
It has been proven that thermochemical sulfate reduction (TSR) took place extensively in the Lower Triassic carbonate reservoirs in Northeast (NE) Sichuan (四川) basin. We have carried out analyses on bulk rock compositions and isotope ratios together with petrography and fluid inclusions to assess the impact of TSR on diagenetic process of Triassic dolomites. In this article, TSR-related burial diagenesis is characterized by precipitation of calcite cement with negative δ13C values and high homogenization temperature...
Landslide Hazard Mapping Using GIS and Weight of Evidence Model in Qingshui River Watershed of 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake Struck Region
许冲, 徐锡伟, 戴福初, 肖建章, 谭锡斌, 袁仁茂
2012, 23(1) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0236-7
Tens of thousands of landslides were triggered by May 12, 2008 earthquake over a broad area. The main purpose of this article is to apply and verify earthquake-triggered landslide hazard analysis techniques by using weight of evidence modeling in Qingshui (清水) River watershed, Deyang (德阳) City, Sichuan (四川) Province, China. Two thousand three hundred and twenty-one landslides were interpreted in the study area from aerial photographs and multi-source remote sensing imageries post-earthquake, verified by field surveys...
Health Risks of Organic Contaminated Soilin an Out-of-Service Oil Refinery Site
Yongpeng Hua (化勇鹏), Zejiao Luo (罗泽娇), Shenggao Cheng* (程胜高), Rui Xiang (向睿)
2012, 23(1) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0237-6
Health risks assessment due to exposure to organic contaminated soil at an oil refinery out of service is conducted in this study by integrating health risk methods of U.S. EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and VROM (Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment in Netherlands), with the localized parameters using Chinese demo-graphic characteristics and site features...