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2012 Vol. 23, No. 4

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Major unconformities, tectonostratigraphic frameword, and evolution of the superimposed Tarim basin, Northwest China
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0263-4
The Tarim basin experienced a complex tectonic evolutionary history from Sinian to Cenozoic. Eight large-scale and more than 20 subordinate unconformities defining tectonosequences of different protobasins formed in various tectonic settings have been identified within the Phanerozoic in the Tarim basin, their distribution determining the general characteristics ...
Paleoecology of the ordovician reef-shoal depositional system in the Yijianfang outcrop of the Bachu area, West Tarim Basin
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0264-3
The reef-shoal depositional system of the Ordovician carbonate platform margin is well exposed in the Yijianfang (aEuroeu ’ ae) outcrop of the Bachu (a center dot ’ aeyene) uplift region, which offers an advantageous condition to study their paleoecology. Using a detailed field geologic survey and illustrated profiles of typical depositional systems, three types
Seismic reflection, distribution, and potential trap of Permian volcanic rocks in the Tahe field
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0265-2
Permian Kaipaileicike (a1/4Euroae ’ 3/4e >center dot a...(1)a...<) volcanic rocks approximately 0-200 m thick are drilled in the Tahe (a”ae(23)) field. The distribution of volcanic rocks and their potential to form hydrocarbon reservoirs are discussed based on the integrated interpretation of log and 3D seismic data. The volcanic rocks, mainly consisting of ...
Platform edge reef and bank structure and depositional model of Changxing formation in Panlongdong section, Xuanhan, northeastern Sichuan
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0266-1
The Changxing (e center dot a...’) Formation has two sequences (sq1 and sq2) in the Panlongdong (c >similar to e3/4 (TM) ae ’) Section, Xuanhan (a (R)ae pound +/-parts per thousand), northeastern Sichuan (a >> a center dot e). It belongs to the platform edge facies belt, rich in reefs and banks, which were developed in the highstand system tract (HST) of sq1 ...
Genesis and environment characteristics of dolomite-hosted quartz and its significance for hydrocarbon exploration, in Keping Area, Tarim Basin, China
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0269-y
A great amount of quartz was found filling vugs of the dolomite strata of Upper Cambrian-Lower Ordovician in Keping (aeY-ae(a)) outcrop area of Tarim basin, China, which is widely distributed with obvious impact on dolomite reservoirs. The quartz’s genesis and environment were studied based on careful field observation and indoor comprehensive analysis. ...
Reef types and sedimentation characteristics of Changxing formation in Manyue-Honghua Section of Kaixian, Northeastern Sichuan Basin
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0270-5
In Changxing (e center dot a...’) stage, Manyue (ae >> aee)-Honghua (c(0)cent eS +/-) Section of Kaixian (a1/4EuroaZ), northeastern Sichuan (a >> a center dot e) Province was located in the platform-margin slope, which was the advantage area of reef-shoal depositional system developing. The strata of Changxing Formation are continuously ...
Features and controlling factors of epigenic karstification of the Ordovician carbonates in Akekule arch, Tarim Basin
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0271-4
Tabei (a”aOEu) uplift is an area with the highest hydrocarbon enrichment in Tarim basin, and large oilfields have been found on Akekule (e similar to a...< a(0)”a <’) arch at the middle section of Tabei uplift, with Ordovician carbonate reservoirs. Storage space of the Ordovician carbonate reservoirs in the Akekule arch are mainly caves, pores and fractures resulted ...
Orbital cycles analysis and its genesis significance for the sequence hierarchy: A case study of Carboniferous Karashayi Formation, Central Tarim basin
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0272-3
The Carboniferous Karashayi (aiae
Fault system, deformation style and development mechanism of the Bachu uplift, Tarim basin
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0273-2
The Bachu (a center dot ’ aeyene) uplift is one of the most active tectonic regions nowadays in the Tarim basin, which is also a faulted block uplift that was intensively active during the Cenozoic. This study was based primarily on the geological structure interpretation of seismic profiles, applying the theories and methods of basin dynamics, structural analysis ...
Temporal and spatial evolution analysis: The early Paleozoic Paleo-Uplifts in the Tarim basin
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0275-0
Twenty unconformities, primarily superimposed types, were identified based on interpretation of a 46 000 km seismic profile combined with data from over 40 drilling wells. These respectively correspond to the main tectonic evolution stages and the boundaries between those stages. Reconstruction of the original depths of eroded strata was conducted for the Middle ...
Seismic image prediction of Cenozoic reef-banks in the Northwestern South China Sea
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0277-y
The Cenozoic reef-banks reservoir in Qiongdongnan (c1/4aeaiu) basin is one of the most profitable targets worthy of prospecting in the deep water area of the northwestern South China Sea. In this study, the characteristics of organic reef-like reflectors in southern uplift area of Qiongdongnan basin are analyzed based on the latest 2D and 3D seismic data. It is found ...
Stratigraphic architecture and computer modelling of carbonate platform margin, late ordovician Lianglitage formation, Central Tarim Basin
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0279-9
According to the different geometries and reflected characteristics in the seismic sections, the carbonate platform margin of the northern slope can be summarized as three basic depositional architectures in the Late Ordovician Lianglitage (e parts per thousand-e double dagger OEa”ae 1/4) Formation of the Tazhong (a”a) uplift. The type one mainly located in the west of the
Dynamic processes of the Paleozoic Tarim basin and its significance for hydrocarbon accumulation-a review and discussion
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0262-5
The structural framework and evolution processes of the giant superimposed Tarim basin in Paleozoic Era are controlled by three main factors: (1) features and structures of the basin basement; (2) deep mantle dynamics process (such as the Sinian rifting and the Permian plume-related magmatic activities); (3) the powerful regional compressional or compresso-shear stress regime generated by the orogenic movement from surrounding regions. The latter of which occurring in multiple episodes is the most important factor for the Paleozoic ...
Geochemical characteristics and petrogenesis of Geochemical characteristics and petrogenesis of Permian basaltic rocks in Keping area, Western Tarim basin: A record o
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0267-0
The two basalt flows in Kupukuziman (a(0)”ae (TM)(R) a(0)”a...(1)ae >>) Formation of Keping (aeY-ae(a)) area are the typical products of Permian magmatism. Based on systematic field investigations, we carried out geochemical studies on representative Keping basalts. The results show that the SiO2 contents in basalts range from 44.69 wt.% to 51.68 wt.%...
Detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology and its provenance implications on Silurian Tarim basin
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0268-z
As one of the major exploration objects of marine deposit in Tarim basin, Silurian has been paid more attention from oil/gas exploration and geologists. However, due to the widely deposit and later erosion, it is difficult to restore the original basin. The surrounding tectonic activity and provenance systems of Silurian Tarim basin have a lot of controversy. Aid ...
Effects of diagenesis on the acoustic velocity of the Triassic oolitic shoals in the Yudongzi outcrop of Erlangmiao area, Northwest Sichuan Basin
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0274-1
The oolitic shoals of the Triassic carbonate platform margin in the Yudongzi (e +/- 1/4ae ’ a) outcrop of Erlangmiao (a(0)OEe integral Za(0)(TM)) area in the northwestern Sichuan (a >> a center dot e) basin present a scarce opportunity to quantitatively describe their diagenesis and its effects on the acoustic velocity. Using a detailed field geologic survey, profiles illustration of typical depositional system...
Discovery of Yanting-Tongnan trough of late Permian in Sichuan basin and its significance
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0276-z
Reef-bank of Sichuan (a >> a center dot e) basin have been explored along the platform margin belt on both sides of the Kaijiang (a1/4Euroae +/- Y)-Liangping (ae cent a(13)) trough for a long time. Correspondingly, a series of major breakthroughs have been obtained and a number of large oil and gas fields have been found. After the breakthroughs of
Seismic sedimentology study in the high-resolution sequence framework-a case study of platform margin reef-beach system of Changxing formation, Upper Permian, Yuanba Area, Northeast Sichuan Basin, Chi
2012, 23(4) doi: 10.1007/s12583-012-0278-x
The Yuanba (a...integral aee) area is considered another potential large-scale reef-bank gas field following the Puguang (ae (TM)(R) per thousand) field. However, there are lots of difficulties on the spatial and temporal distribution of reef-beach and the detailed prediction of the effective reservoir in the sequence stratigraphic framework. In this paper